WHAT IF? Rifftrax acquired MST3K in 2015 instead of Joel?

We deserve a multiverse as much as the next guy!

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I think it would have just melted into what they were already doing at RiffTrax (commentary, but no host segments). Joel wasn’t doing anything similar, so he was able to maintain MST3K in its original format.


I like the unique identity that Rifftrax has formed over the years. If you look at some of the quintessential must-see Rifftrax experiences (The Room, Samurai Cop, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare) lots of them wouldn’t quite fit into the traditional MST3K mold. I’m cool with Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett watching Winterbeast, for instance, but it would almost seem wrong to subject Mike, Tom, and Crow to that movie.

To circle back to the question at hand, I like how this universe has turned out.


I like some Rifftrax releases (especially the Bridget and MJ ones), but Rifftrax generally has an attack-the-movie-and-tear-it-a-new-one style. They basically say as much in their slogan. I much prefer the friendlier, pop-culture-reference-heavy style of MST3K, and that would have completely disappeared if it were being produced by Mike and the Rifftrax people.

Plus, it was Joel’s baby to begin with. It was like a homecoming, sort of a restoration of the way things are supposed to be.


If that had happened, I would hope that Mike, Kevin and Bill would have done something like make Conor Lowstalka the host, or maybe Janet Varney. That way Rifftrax could continue to stand on its own, while expanding one of their offshoots.

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I agree. I buy the B&MJ stuff as soon as it drops, but Mike & Co.'s humor has gotten meaner over the years and is definitely not my jam.

I do prefer the kinder, gentler humor of the Joel years and what we have now.


@Cornjob_Will_B_Blamd : Pick up any of the four Film Crew DVDs to see what would have happened.

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No more multiverses, please!

Fandom should be fun. Juggling multiverses all the time is too much like a job. (Except that no one pays me.)


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My gut feeling?

If the Rifftrax crew had acquired the rights to MST3K, I’m guessing it would just be to distribute the classics rather than try to revive it with a new series. I think they’ve found their thing and it seems to be working out all right for them.

The show would still be funny. Sorry I said it, I’ll see myself out.