What song do you have stuck in your head right now?


I’m the illest from here to Gardena.
What Do You Want Mca GIF by Beastie Boys

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To those of you who have never heard this song before – congratulations, you’ve led a charmed life up till now. So think twice before you click that “play” button, for once this song enters your mind, it will bury itself there and lie dormant for weeks, months, even years at a time and then out of nowhere, with no desire or intent on your part, you will find yourself humming it.

And yes, kids, that hairstyle was considered attractive back in those days. Yes, the clothes too.


I’ll never be able to escape “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray. I’ve probably heard that song more than any other song in my life, and each time has been involuntary.

Even absent the overexposure factor, it’s not a particularly good song. It wasn’t a big hit when it was current. So why do oldies radio stations and piped-music services play it over and over and over and over…?

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Hey, he stole my guitar!

And my haircut!!

Okay, I never had that haircut, but I do own that guitar.

I’ve had Ray Charles’s performance of Hank Snow’s “Moving On” stuck in my head for many hours!

Haven’t heard it in ages, but I somehow remember it in great detail.

Meh, could be worse!

/* Oh, I forgot to mention that all day I’ve had Robbie Robertson’s voice from The Last Waltz saying “Happy Thanksgiving!” (or was it Rick Danko?).

Not a song, but still an earworm! Not as good as Ray Charles! */