What's Going On at Work?

Don’tcha just hate it when that happens?? :flushed:

Nah. Depends on the audience, after all!

Some people are just asking for it.

Saturday the supervisor had me swap printers from the other supervisor’s desk. Her paper tray is jamming up for some reason and was tired of dealing with it.
Swapped them out and the Sunday supervisor apparently couldn’t print anything for Amazon Sunday. I know i set the Swapped printers to default on each computer and ran test pages on them so i know they worked, so something happened over the weekend where neither would print so i came in early to work on them. All I did was reboot both computers and voila they’re printing just fine now.
What an amazing concept :man_shrugging:

After lunch, a lady called complaining about a FedEx package that was sent to her po box at our post office back on January 29 that she never received…
Normally, UPS and FedEx don’t deliver to po boxes but this one was and it got put in a FedEx bin to be returned. FedEx hardly ever comes to our post office to pick up their packages so after searching the bin, sure enough there it was. Eventually, those FedEx packages will be sent to our ‘dead letter/unclaimed’ center in Atlanta GA.

I start at the small finance post office in the mornings and before I even clock in (at 6am) my coworker starts blowing up my phone with text messages about there’s only 2 clerks working this morning, and that I need to get this and that at the main post office when I get there (usually by 7am)! 4 text messages so far and I’m only 40 minutes into my day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Get to the main post office and the fill in supervisor is having problems with the printers like yesterday. Got that fixed tgen a new CCA (City Carrier Assistant) shows up unexpectedly so i had to install a jump seat in a mail truck to train him… Thing is he’s in his late 50s to early 60s and this is a very physical job so I’m not sure he’ll be able to handle the work :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The acting OIC is off today because it’s his birthday. I mention to the coworker that he does exactly what I do, not work on my birthday. So then Mrs bossy pants says I can’t do that this year because she’s off… Oh is that a fact?! I said, well watch me! :roll_eyes:

Now it’s a race to see who gets the paperwork in faster for the approval! LOL!

Oh she’s already got it approved, so I’ll just use a sick day :sunglasses:
Monday June 17 is my B-day and the Juneteenth holiday falls on Wednesday which is my day off so I should have that Tuesday as my holiday but I’ll probably come in for a couple of hours then leave :+1:

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And the odds are better than 50/50 she cancels and shows up anyway.


You know her too well :laughing:

Wow, talk about someone being petty…
I arrived at the main post office this morning and someone dropped spots of hot sauce on the floor from the break room, to the men’s locker room as well as the men’s bathroom!! I started asking around and found out the senior city carrier was at our office yesterday. This is the same guy that went on a racist anti-gay tirade last year and what do they do?? Promote him to being a regional mail truck trainer! So he’s hardly ever in our office anymore but when he is, like yesterday he was in a crappy mood and does stupid sh!t like this (according to other carriers)… Now there’s no proof he actually did this because nobody actually saw him but that’s my leading suspect.
I went to the fridge and tossed the hot sauce bottle in the trash, and I’ll do this again with other food or condiments that are tossed on the floor if this keeps happening! We already have a mouse problem and this is why… These adult children want to play stupid games, they’ll win stupid prizes :roll_eyes:

Had to go to a smaller post office in the middle of our county for union stuff.
Apparently a custodian there is getting preferential treatment from management with choice duty assignments while the other is stuck in the main office. She says she’s being forced in on overtime and on her off day holidays and management says it’s voluntary. Sounds like it’s a he said she said scenario…

Then I get back to the main office and one of the clerks wants an air freshener sprayer installed behind the counter. Then he wants a picture of a flower hung up… Ok, I’m not sure if this is allowed because this is a place of business… what ever, it’s installed. They can remove it if it’s not.
I’m going home now.

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Saturday’s special projects: changing light bulbs in the front office area, and tossing boxes of records from before 2020.
Now the dumpster is full and I’m whipped :face_exhaling: and it’s only 9:30am
The coworker is going to organize everything 2020 to present so she can have fun with that and hopefully stay out of my hair the rest of the day!
Then a rural carrier called that she’s got a flat tire, gives me wrong directions and when i finally find her i pump it up with my cordless air compressor to get her to a tire shop to get it plugged… turns out they’re closed on Saturdays now (they didn’t used to be) so she came back to the post office. Then the supervisor wanted me to plug it! Yeah sorry I don’t plug tires. One of the carriers had a plug kit and took care of it. The postal VMF mechanic was here this morning and now they can’t reach him, so she takes the air tank with her on her route so now no one else will be able to use it if they need air :man_shrugging:

Final note for the day… My coworker decided to swap her day off from this coming Monday to Friday to extend her President’s Day Weekend holiday. Normally, I would be aggravated with this but this time I’m not. I have to go back to that post office in the middle of the county again on Monday for more Union stuff so with her here covering for me while I’m there will actually be beneficial for covering bank runs and other job duties so thanks for that I suppose :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

After a rainy trip to that post office in the middle of the county, it was really just a 2.5 hour b*tch session. Turns out management never forced her to work overtime, she just did it so she wouldn’t be overwhelmed with work after the holiday weekends. She feels that the other custodian is not pulling his fair share of work, again that’s for management to correct. We can’t file a grievance against another craft employee for not pulling his fair share of work. She’s not happy with the outcome but there’s no factual evidence to support her claims.
Still, we’re waiting on information from the supervisors so we can see what their job responsibilities are so we can at least have an idea of who does what.


You know? When you bother to submit a complaint within the word/character limits using that DA form?

Such as:

"Mr. Sheridan’s lack of attention to detail has led to bags falling off of U-Boats, due to poor stewardship and enforcement of standard work, vans parked in haphazard manners, and unbraked U-Boats having been left in the middle of the launchpad during RTS.

We require leadership qualities among our AMs, and we can only hold this specimen for mockery."

When you hit “submit” and it says this:


That kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe, just kind of, a little bit.

Well, fine. I’ll just keep going.

"During this current week I found that our RTS AM did not demand of each DSP that each of their drivers be retrained in how to properly return empty bags to station.

This lack of resolve is unacceptable, since unstable loads continue to present a risk to drivers, AAs, and general decency. It is an intolerable weakness."

The clerks are at each others throats so far this week and it’s only Tuesday…
Yesterday, the clerk from India was disciplined for taking over a month of to go to India because supposedly her mother is sick. Her FMLA was denied so she went anyway. Brought back documentation but HR says it was insufficient. So they are probably going to charge her regular annual leave which would leave her with nothing for the rest of this year. She still has vacation scheduled throughout the year so I don’t see how she’ll get authorization for anymore vacation time…
Then the PSE from Puerto Rico takes massively long breaks, like 30 minutes to sometimes close to an hour. Last week she rode the clock from 9:30am until 11am then clocked out and went home! This morning she was taking another long break and the parcels weren’t done being sorted so they had me go get her from the break room…
Each clerk seems to have their own routine or the play dumb when they know there’s work to be done.

To which you (should have) responded “Sorry, I can’t cross crafts like that”

UPS dropped off a box for a po box in our post office yesterday. For some reason it was put in the ups pickup location. UPS brought it back again today so I personally took it to the po box location so it can be picked up since the clerks can’t figure this out by simply reading the label :man_facepalming:

Figured out how to grab the name and company of drivers who do a poor job of stacking empty bags when they return to station.

It takes a few seconds and a little bit of doing, but if my boss decides to have a shtuff-fit about my harsh criticisms of his lack of concern for safety, I have a nice sheet of paper from today with a list of names of drivers who need to be retrained.

Assuming I’m not fired or given a second “written warning” (jeez…this is like elementary school or some shtuff! it’s like you can hardly present extremely harsh criticisms in writing, edging up to the line but not crossing it in terms of using foul language or name-calling!)

And, yes, La Peruana was delighted by my efforts…she is one tough cookie, and she does not at all tolerate any shenanigans at all! From anybody!

Yeah, I think there might be some repercussions for me…my boss’s boss, with whom I’m extremely friendly and have been for years…he deliberately ignored me while he was at his desk (kind of an open floor thing) and looked super peeved off. About something, anyway. But it’s extremely rare that he wouldn’t at least give me the big hello and all that.

But I’m drawing the line in the sand. It is completely unacceptable to allow deviant, unsafe behavior by drivers. I don’t necessarily require the deviants be punished, but the derelicts need to be retrained and made aware that, even my boss can’t be bothered, I insist on official standards and that they be followed, to the letter, every darned time.

Most of all I enjoyed getting to work on a slower day with a small team of me, La Peruana, and this guy Leo, who’s pretty inoffensive and knows how to do stuff if required. Me and the Peruvian get along well, and we’re both on the same wavelength as far as the value of hard work done correctly. She’s also funny, and I know she knows I think she’s attractive, but that I would never do anything inappropriate, especially considering she’s married. It’s a good working relationship, even if I can’t always understand her heavy accent!

Hmmm…go figure…I didn’t get even the slightest bit of hostility or shade from my manager whom I pretty savagely attacked while making two separate safety reports.

In fact we had a good chat, and everything’s fine.

And La Peruana was surprised to see that I got ashed today (Ash Wednesday), “You are christian?” Like she was surprised, you know, I guess not the way I present myself typically. “Si, catholico.” “Oh, me too, I did no get ash today, but you know!”