What's YOUR problem? A thread for griping.

She hasn’t, but she doesn’t stop breathing. I’ve listened on purpose multiple times. She does snore though.

But it’s a great way to deny your staff any cost-of-living wage hikes.

Wait. Following this logic, I should be allowed to set out a tip jar, too.

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(a) Welcome back @BruceLeePullen ! Hope you enjoyed the respite.

(b) You have my sympathies @FlyingSquid, my husband, who is a wonderful person, is a symphony of sleeping noises. Snores, whistles, humming noises, you name it. At least my dog’s old enough to stay in bed until 8 now.

I guess since it’s the gripe thread I’ll complain about having to throw out so much food after the power outage. There’s something fundamentally disturbing about throwing away what LOOKS like perfectly good eggs, meat, and dairy.

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I may need to change the shipping address for the KS rewards…

(Is it too late to do that, do I need to reach out to @Lesley at this point?)

I’ve had a PO Box at a box store for 'bout 15 years now.

New law is requiring them to have scans of my drivers license and some 2nd form of ID…

But, they’re not telling me if or how they intend to secure that data. The request reads, “The government is requiring us to get this information”… Yes, great, but you still need to store it in a secure way you dipspit. Being required to have it doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to store it in a secure way!

/me throws things

With all the data breaches in the news, I’m resistant to handing over that much w/o some proof that it will be stored in a secure way.

So… May need to change the shipping address soon.


The good news for everyone else is that I’m pretty sure the minute I tell them to pound sand, we’ll all get shipping notifications!

So… Yay?


Welcome back @BruceLeePullen !


Shipping verification has not gone out yet, so you should be okay.

As for the gripe, I don’t blame you in the least for not wanting to give them that information. My husband works in cyber security. Be afraid, people. :neutral_face: Even the ones who say they can secure information like that have issues.


New gripe! Just opened a check I got from a client last week (I’m super lazy about all the ancillary parts of freelancing, like invoicing and going to the bank).

The check is drawn on Silicon Valley Bank.

If I deposit it, what do you think happens? Does the FDIC pay it?

Also I’m now 100% in favor of the bailout, yay FDIC :wink:


nuclear explosion GIF


Our latest health insurer shook me down twice for my full SSN over the phone a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not happy. :upside_down_face:

My husband now works for an employer in the neighboring state, though we’ve lived in this one for decades. The insurance is through him, so the insurer is using this as a license to make our lives an endless nightmare. in which we jump through pointless hoop after pointless hoop, and then they [redacted] us some more.

A giant Fiddle Minger to them all. :violin:


Well crap I wish I’d thought of that before I went to the bank just now.

Guess we’ll see what happens.


Right now, the check will bounce. You need to contact the person who wrote it to find out how they plan to cover their outstanding liabilities.


Dang! I was hoping the bridge bank would honor it. I’ll wait to see what happens and then contact them (it’s a good client, they’ll find a way to pay me).


YouTube has apparently decided I’m dying to see a rich smorgasbord of videos about animals farting.

I’m not, particularly, and I can’t recall ever having searched for something like that.


Giving you what you don’t want and never asked for. It’s the YouTube way. :confused:

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You’d know better than I, but snores and odd noises that get better when you roll over can be signs of obstructed breathing. Apnea isn’t always about not breathing at all.


This is a gripe sandwiched by two non-gripes.

Non-gripe, I was able to get out to church today for the first time since my surgery!
Gripe, I slipped down four of my stairs as I was going down to my door. Major adrenaline rush!
Non-gripe, I wasn’t hurt, only scared.


So, months after spending more than I should have on nascar all-star tickets…

They announced what parking is going to cost in addition to the tickets…



I can go with the cheapest, 9 mi away from the track and hope it’s a secure location for after the race in the dark… and deal with hoping that shuttles run regularly and quickly (faster than walking)…

Or spend a lot to park on-site but in the grass and hope my car doesn’t get hit by drunk tailgaters… or stuck in mud if it’s been raining…

I need to decide by 9am tomorrow morning… just got the email today. So no real time to think it over.


And, I made the mistake of trying to give my mom who this trip is all for input into the process and she’s furious about the costs and is making me regret the whole thing.


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Last irrigation repair update.

The 6th and final repair (for now) is complete!

So, this is a flex-line Rube Goldberg setup that was put in long before I got involved in maintaining the stuff. This flex line comes out of the pvc main line … under the driveway… it t’s to the broken head (the t is actually what broke), then a second head out of frame…

This flex line is clogged from years of iron buildup…

So, I removed the line going to the 2nd head and put in a rotor, that should replace both, relocating it in more from the driveway and road.

Here’s what the inside of the line looks like (this is actually less clogged than another piece I removed a few years ago)


Sorry to hear that they are gouging you.

I suppose that instead of parking, you could keep driving around in circles like the pros do at such an event. :wink: (sorry.)


Some drunk kid attacked the Def Leppard drummer in FL and I object. Housing a one-armed drummer is just plain unsporting.