What's YOUR problem? A thread for griping.

Katie was Rosemary’s baby.


Katie made my dog wake me up at 2 a.m. because he wanted a treat (he didn’t get it) and then again at 4 a.m. because he wanted a treat (he got it).


My knees are acting up as the cold dreary rains move in…
I’m sure somehow, someway, this is Katie’s fault :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Happy anniversary! We celebrated 14 years this year in a Pizza Hut while we were on a house-hunting visit. Super romantic!


We basically never do anything for our anniversary. We barely remember it some years. But then we’ve been married for almost 23 years now.


That was more than we normally do. We have a history of either being really busy around then or having bad things happen when we do have plans. We’ve had car trouble, been sick in bed for a week, and, when we were supposed to see Dita Von Teese a freaking pandemic. And one year we had to go to someone else’s wedding, but at least we got a nice trip out of that one.


We tried to do things on occasion before our daughter was born, but now that we have a child, we’re usually too busy like you. Or just too tired these days. At least our anniversary is on a Saturday this year.


Usually we don’t do much anymore other than try to make a nice dinner. For a while we did a Memorial Day weekend trip. But now the kids are older, it’s all ball. The in-laws drove two hours on Wednesday and wanted to take us out to dinner, but we were like, “Thanks, but there’s a game from 5:30-7. That doesn’t work for us.”

Although just before our 10-year anniversary, Mr. wyswysia lost his wedding ring. So, we recreated the ceremony in our living room to give each other new rings and involve the kids. Our daughter was my bridesmaid and our son was the best man/photographer. Not sure if we can top that. :smiling_face:



I’m not sure I could even get my ring off now.


I never wore a ring. This goes back to when i worked at black and decker in quality assurance and I was around electricity…
If i was ever jolted, the ring could fuze to my finger so it was a safety issue.
I used to wear mine on my necklace, which I no longer have .


You know who’s responsible for interlibrary loan being too lazy to contact the lending library to extend a loan for a dense, three-volume work theoretical screed that probably only several dozen people in the country continent actually care about?

Take a guess.

I think we know who’s responsible.

Also, to heck with academic publishers and their collusion with the library consortium, or something…Acquisitions is not made of endless budget.

It’s very impactful.


Starts with a K, ends with an E? :open_mouth:


Katy assumes everyone knows her name is spelled like that and curses your children’s children if you spell it any other way.


Well I’m childrenless…
Thanks Katie, I fergot how tuh spayell werds :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Swung through McDonald’s after work and got in line in the inner lane. The outer lane was up next, placed their order and pulled up. Then the next car in the outer lane placed their order, then the third car placed their order…
I’m thinking the inner lane isn’t working so I pull up in line. The manager (we’ll call here Katie) was apparently training a new employee and he wasn’t switching between lanes taking orders like he was supposed to. Ok, well I’d like to place my order then. Katie actually told me to get back in line because it would screw up their ordering sequence… But you took the 3 vehicles in the outer lane orders and never switched over to the inner lane! Why do I have to get back in line?? She said you have to be patient with us while I’m training the new employee. :man_shrugging:
Fine! I went back around, got back in line and this time I went to the outer lane. 3 cars in the inner lane, 3 cars in the outer lane (including mine)… First car in the Inner lane got their order, then the outer lane placed their order, then the outer lane again got to place their order, then I was up next, and I got to place my order and the inner lane is at a stand still! No orders were taken until after I placed mine! Just incredible :open_mouth:
Doing a Fine job training this guy there Katie!! :man_facepalming:


It was a “hate-training.” Clearly some deep personal issues between the manager and the trainee, perhaps extending a decade or more into the past. Recommend strongly not reflecting on the motives! It’s a dark situation, I’m sure.

Hmmmm…only real gripe is, as usual, about my own stupidity or impulsiveness. Opened up a group chat in facebook messenger with a handful of my coworkers, primarily for me to get drunk and spew a bunch of gossip with some like-minded worker-pals.

I think I might have said a bit too much for that broad of a group…it’s nothing this one gal hasn’t heard from me a million times before, nor the other three people, but I included the youngling, who out-of-the-blue sent me a friend request, and I accepted, who just had a birthday and is always trying to insert himself into the “inner group” of us old-timers.

I guess you could say he got the unvarnished truth with both barrels about some common opinions a bunch of us have regarding the cruddy work habits of many of our coworkers…but if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut, this could be unpleasant. Or tortious maybe.

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You went back around? I would have left.


The wife wanted McDonald’s.
I didn’t want her to be mad at me :disappointed_relieved:


Hmmm…just picked up my guitar since…yesterday I guess.

What exactly is rattling around inside (it’s a hollowbody archtop with f-holes)?

Sounds like potato chip crumbs.

Probably is.

That’s a slight problem! I’d call that “user error,” pretty much!

Hmmm…well, I guess shaking the guitar and trying to get whatever is inside to come out the f-holes is…an activity! Part of that ridiculous “10,000 hours” BS? Sure! Why not?

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