Any fans of Tabletop RPGs?

I had that game, and After the Bomb, which was also pretty cool.
The character generation took a while, but it was a pretty fun game if I remember right.

Reading through this soon…

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I got my digital copy of Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaevil Reenactment Programme today. I plan to spring for the print copy of the book on Backerkit.

It honestly looks like a fun game. There are a few downsides however. First, unusual dice are required. In addition to the standard d20, d12, d10, d8, d6 and d4, you’ll need d30, d18, d16 and d14 to play as well. These rarer dice may not be carried by game stores; you may have to look online or get a dice rolling app.

Also, there’s not much in the way of combat - anyone coming from Dungeons & Dragons expecting initiative rolls, beheading enemies with your greatsword or slinging magic missiles at barbarian hordes will be disappointed.

In this game, the game master is called the “Head of Light Entertainment”. You can choose a variety of classes that have traits as well as strengths & weaknesses - your choices are churl (peasant), cleric, enchanter, eremite (hermit), knave, knight, monarch, monk/nun, noble and troubadour.

There are NPCs with stats such as King Arthur, the Black Knight, Sir Robin, Tim the Enchanter, Zoot, the Pirahna Brothers, Gumbys, etc. The bestiary is a hoot - you can go head-to-head with Eric the Half-a-Bee, Keep Left signs, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Ralph the Wonder Llama and more.

I don’t want to spoil anything else as that would take up a whole thread. If this has your interest, you should go get a copy of Monty Python’s tabletop game!


I just had a Wil Wheaton moment so bad that my GM straight up told me to use new dice.

Six consecutive rolls of a (simulated) d20: 5, 1, 3, 5, 3, 4.

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Sounds like me over in the Pathfinder thread.


Today, Green Ronin has announced that their Kickstarter to fund the upcoming Valiant Adventures RPG (compatible with the Mutants & Masterminds system) will go live on January 16th, and the page is up now, so people can sign up for updates.

I… hmm. I can’t imagine there’s a HUGE demand for Valiant products nearly 30 years after it was even close to be relevant.


Oh. Oh my goodness gracious. You absolutely need to read the press release.

Valiant Entertainment, a subsidiary of DMG Entertainment, founded by Dan Mintz, is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns and controls the third most extensive library of superheroes behind Marvel and DC. With more than 90 million issues sold and a library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and many more, Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of the comic book medium.

I keep thinking of that Twisted Toyfare Theater strip where the Valiant characters are begging Spider-Man to save them. “The video game licenses have dried up, and we’re OWNED by a video game company!!!”

DMG Entertainment is a global media and entertainment company based in Beverly Hills, CA. Founded by Dan Mintz, the company portfolio has grown to include diverse holdings across film, television, comic book publishing, gaming, and location-based entertainment. Operating as both a production and distribution entity, DMG Entertainment is best known for films such as Looper and Iron Man 3 and the #1 box-office release of Bloodshot feature starring Vin Diesel.

#1 Box-office release”? I suppose that’s technically true, but it came out in March 2020, when the entire country was shut down, so dropping a five dollar bill in front of the theater would have given it the #1 Box office that weekend.


Here’s an RPG description done in the form of a Madvertisement (unfortunately I can’t come up with a good ending):

[Moon 1]
Pearl: Look alive, World of Dorkness! Time for an ad for our new sponsor Pinnacle Entertainment Group and their role-playing game Necessary Evil. Roll 'em!

Jonah: In Necessary Evil, you play supervillains in a world where an alien invasion has wiped out all the superheroes. So, let’s spitball some character concepts. What have you got, Tom?
Tom: My character is the Soviet Simian, a mutant chimpanzee with Stalin’s brain implanted in it.
Jonah: Nice riff on the rumored Soviet ape men soldier experiments. How about you, GPC?
GPC: My character is Baroness Medusa, a lamia dominatrix whose power suite includes petrification, mesmerism, and poison spit. Oh, and her lower half can be used to inflict crushing damage.
Jonah: Hmm, snakes are always a good supervillain theme. But we might want to give David Weber a heads up if we decide to livestream our sessions. What’s your character like, Crow.
Crow: My character is like Spider-Man, but it’s the Roxbury Guy dickweed version from Spider-Man 3.
Jonah: Eh, I’m not sure we should delve into that kind of evil.


Well, that’s an interesting pitch…

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Honestly, if the Bots were going to play any Pinnacle game, I’d figure they’d do Deadlands: Hell On Earth, on account of all the post-apocalyptic movies they’ve watched.

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