Anybody else have trouble viewing their own profile?

I can’t see yours, either.

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Double secret probation! I’m convinced of it!

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Yes, normal

No; there’s a banner image, userpic, and name but nothing else. The scrollbar positioner is very small as if it were a long page. Attempting to scroll down may see repeats of the banner/userpic/name, but nothing else. For some profiles, attempting to view Page Source never loads anything (others do show page source normally)

I’m seeing the same “Ember is not defined” thing (over and over on a single page) in the console.


Yeah, it seems to be affecting posters who have Backer as their status, or no declared status. :confused:

Crap. We’re Jr. High all of a sudden. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

My status is Regular.

I clicked through to your profile, and then I clicked through to mine own. That’s the first time that trick has worked.

[clinks coffee mug]

Just a’ coupla’ regular guys, yessir.

Glad we could stay friends even after our breakup, Ted. :wink:

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I have no status (aww, I must have lost Regular recently) and I can see my own profile just fine…

eta: Turned the Backer title back on, and it doesn’t seem to have affected anything negatively.

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You can rent mine for $5/mo.

(But none of that Hawaiian wampumbuck.)

Well, I for one am content with my bottle of Robitussin DM.

Used only as directed.

Apply directly to forehead.

No. Drink it.

As directed.


Does anyone know if it is coming back or is this forum just disintegrating?

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The issue has nothing to do with this specific forum. It’s an issue with Discourse, of which we have zero control.

The problem also does not seem consistent so it’s not easy for Discourse to track down. I can see everyone’s profile, for example, while even other mods have problems.

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Who knows man, we’re on our own here. It’s like Lord of the Flies.

The forum in two more weeks:

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That’s right it’s Apocalypse Now!

I think this is a feature, not a bug…a mystery, a puzzle, a conundrum.

With the stakes higher than one can imagine!

End times, I tell you!

With the popup it seems like it maybe dies as it gets to the Message button, so I wonder if those of us affected have some message setting in common (like… well I don’t know because I can’t access my settings, but I think there are settings about who can contact you or something).

Still messed up.

Three odd things I just noticed…

  1. The pages for @perfectfaceforradio and @jimmy_two_times have a banner image and avatar image only, but repeated three times at the top of a big void. @klcorridon’s doesn’t have a banner (did you load one?) and only one instance of the header avatar.

  2. On Firefox at least, hitting refresh does not reload the page (it does of course for users whose profiles I can see). In fact, I’ve just found quite a bit of the UI stops working for those pages.

  3. More “behaviour” that big void I mentioned? It’s constantly growing. That would be why the UI stops responding. (Finally got a console open on it, and I’m looking at a constant stream of “Ember not found” messages, so there’s that again.)



I have not done anything with a banner.

I don’t think it’s the Message/PM feature, for me…I traded PMs plenty in the past, and didn’t do anything strange with that functionality.

It’s the Ember! (Whatever that is! Sounds cool, anyway!)

That’s interesting! TBH, I stopped investigating the “void”…it was just too depressing!

Meh, sounds like Discourse screwed something up, given the variety of web browsers, architectures, user permissions, &c that have been tested among our own motley crew here alone. Eh, Discourse will fix it, probably…they’ve become pretty big it seems to me, in the forum game, so I have faith.

Typical SNAFU, you know. It is an odd one, though, to my untrained eye.

(While I recite the Latin mass backwards standing inside a pentagram!)

I saw it as a metaphor for the expanding universe.

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Looks like @timryder also has a sad profile so now I feel like I’m in the most excellent company.

Haha all you losers who have working profiles! Jealous much?