Babylon 5 reboot!

I would never have pegged him for a RT fan. :slight_smile:

I’ve always felt his sense of humor was similar to mine.

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You know what? Let’s just skip the B5 reboot and go straight to a “The Real Ghostbusters” reboot…

Skip that and go for the He-Man reboot.

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Which one? You’ve got Kevin Smith’s sequel, the CGI reboot, and another live action movie stuck in development hell.

We need one where JMS is getting paid to write.

Oh, you mean his Patreon.

Which is none of them. <sigh>

I bet you could predict that a new B5 is getting made by noticing when B5 is back on shelves.

Very important information!



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Here’s the link to the tweet in case you want to RT it or check out his TL.


Hopefully the new series is picked up. I still need to watch the original as I was just getting into it before it was yanked from Amazon Prime and stuck on f*&^ing HBO Max.

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