Cover versions that are better than the originals

You either love the 10 CC original or you hate it, I bet.

Anyway this version updates the vibe, and the vocals have a Kate Bush feel to them in places. I heartily (here comes February! lol) approve:


I like the original and the cover you posted.

The Neville Brothers turned this into a good song.

I think I have mentioned this sarcastic Western Swing-ish reimagining of a famous TV theme but never posted it. So here’s one urgent ommission fixed. :smile_cat:

Don’t do drugs, Kids. Well, most of 'em.

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I’m just going to mention three 10/10 (IMO) albums that that are all covers of the same original artist, who I also like.

Black Keys Choulahoma (Junior Kimbrough)
Seu Jorge Life Aquatic (David Bowie)
Sin Kil Moon Tiny Cities (Modest Mouse)



Cover? Collaboration? Eh, still one of my favs of all time.

Forgot about that Sun Kill Moon cover of Tiny Cities. That is a good one, will have to give that album another listen soon.

Mark Kozelek also has a full album of acoustic AC/DC covers. He manages to find some real depth and pathos in them, in spite of them being… well, AC/DC songs.

I remember a buddy quipping that he’d be angry at Run-DMC forever for revitalizing Aerosmith’s career. :laughing:

Me? I find it perpetually disappointing that every difference of opinion can’t be resolved so quickly and with so little (relative) damage. [sigh]


This post over in the needless polls reminded me of this cover of Pop Muzik:

(I’m sort of adjacent to this; my husband was acquainted with Jenn and Bogart from the Toronto goth scene around…er, the turn of the century lol)


I think I keep forgetting to add this gem of a Toto cover:

(Should work well for Fat Tuesday. :pancakes: )