Rewards you would actually want!

We were chatting in another channel and someone mentioned something that seemed like a great campaign reward to me. I thought it might be nice to have a channel with good ideas in it for rewards.

$1000 to have a cast member record your voicemail message.

This reminds me of the Wait Wait reward where you get Carl Kasell or Paula Poundstone to record your voicemail.

Anyone else have some fun ideas?

Edit: the money line is negotiable. I would prefer for less. Do whatever you think would generate the most interest.


Surgically enhanced episodes in a bundle

That was another I wanted all along.

And instead of “just helping out”

Gizmoplex credit to let me buy episodes for my library


Nu-Cambot bead-jewelry !!

Earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces… I want it ALL !! :partying_face:


Thanks clang for coming up with the voicemail idea.


No sweat. I was honestly remembering Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me when I brought it up so I love how that’s where everyone’s minds went almost right away.


I just want to see new episodes. :v:


I am not interested in having that jewelry myself, but I very much want it to exist. That’s such an awesome perfect idea.




I could be wrong, but I believe that any episode you already own that gets surgically enhanced gets the enhanced version as well?

So, making that clear (one way or another) in the promoting, and having bundles of classic episodes available this time for those who don’t already have any/many, would have been great.

A complete your collection option that included one or two additional KTMA episodes, along with any 1-10 you already didn’t have? Priceless, even for those who got the ultimate bundle last time.


Not that I could have done it this time by myself but I really wish that virtual/remote classes had been an option. I’d have asked family for at least one of them… not sure it’d have worked but I’d have asked.

I really did appreciate that the Virtual Set Visit was available in a digital-only option (season pass/download, name in credits of one episode, and the set visit). Hope that is offered again.


Someone else first mentioned it in the super long thread and I don’t remember who it was to credit, but I would love a class or seminar explaining in excruciating detail the movie licensing rights process.


How about autographs or autographed photos of the cast member(s) of your choice? Something fairly easy to produce (and mail out) and I think fans would be willing to pay a decent price for that. Just don’t ask me what “decent” would mean cuz I’m not in showbiz and I don’t know.


An updated Amazing Collossal Episode Guide.


I made a collage of the postcard set that was a Kickstarter reward for Season 11. I would love more of those.

I would have given real cash money to have my voice in the show, like those lucky folks did in Season 12 as the radio stations M. Waverly picked up.

Or let me send the production my junk stuff and have it added as part of the physical set background. Then I can spend glorious hours combing the host segments to see if I can find it.


Oooh I like the idea of kit bashing stuff from fans for set pieces. There would have to be an upfront stipulation like “the item you provide is subject to approval, and even if it does get used it might only show up for half a second in one episode, and anyway will probably be heavily modified / painted so you might not even recognize it.”

Such a disclaimer seems like a bummer, but it would deter people from submitting inappropriate items if there’s no guarantee they will be used, and if you know up front that your $500 or whatever you spent for the campaign perk will mostly likely end up being a small tiny moment that really only you appreciate… well what I’m leading to is “the right people will pledge for it.”


Mst3k tabletop game but might be its own Kickstarter


Not gonna lie, but I’d go for a tote bag. Prairie Public Pearl all the way.

But on a serious note, I would love any and all tie ins for both the old and new series. A Holiday ornament of the old and current Mad teams, or GPCs past and present. Something like that. Plush Servo and Crow would be something too, though I do have a plush problem. Famous/Favourite invention exchange coasters from all seasons (perfect for the Drinks Coaster from Season 13). And so on.

But yeah, I’d go for a tote bag. I have so much that I need to tote.


A tote bag is one of the only physical rewards I would actually like and use.


I posted about this in the Crowdfunding thread. How about a return of the ACEG?


I’d like a bolt on to the Gizmoplex for things like Cinematic Titanic, or other licensed cast & crew projects. There’s a lot of content out there that’s either difficult to track down in decent quality or behind disparate paywalls so having that guest within the app, even temporarily, would be handy.