But not yet TvOS. So close! I would use the crap out of it if it were easy to use on my AppleTV.

EDIT: and so far my iOS experience is “Loading failed. Please try again later”

It’s working great on my android device.

Hopefully they get iOS fixed in the next round. Also, looking at their iOS support, it’s wild to me that they support Apple Vision but not AppleTV.

A RiffTrax live YouTube stream?!?

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This is great news! I have some travel coming up and would rather stream if possible, instead of fumbling around trying to download things to my phone which is out of space anyways. Just tested it on my iPhone and it is working great!

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This live stream has been terminated.

Eddie Murphy GIF


This live stream has been terminated due to continuously unmonitored use of content that belongs to somebody else.

Hmm… care to elaborate, oh great and reliable YT moderators? :thinking:

Aha. I figured this one out. I use an ad/tracker-blocking local VPN app, and at least one site the Rifftrax app is requesting data from must be on the blacklist. If I suspend the blocker the Rifftrax app loads. I’ve only experienced this once before (with the Wegmans app :man_shrugging: ), so I at least know what to do. Heads up to fellow 1Blocker users, I guess.

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And that flick is… SPY HIGH!

Sadly, it’s not about undercover stoners as the name would suggest.

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Watched it this morning and loved it!

That’s definitely on my list next time I have a RT shopping spree.

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Well, that didn’t take long! I also got The Brain from Planet Arous and then went back 18 years to add the JTJ files for The Fifth Element.

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Dear God, Spy High is dumber than donkey-dung! I see there’s another movie by the same name in development. We can only hope they’re getting the gang back together.


Unfortunately (or fortunately?), looks like a completely different project and I doubt they’ll even get a Band back.

Meme Reaction GIF by Travis

Just released: RiffTrax goes to Golden Corral!

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Wow, they’re looking… not so young and fresh-faced in the cover picture for that. I don’t like it. That means I’m getting… not so young and fresh-faced.