SOLVED: Tracking Numbers/Add-On Rewards Question

So, finally checked my email this week and saw that I finally was charged for my physical rewards. Looking at backerkit, I see the charge was made on the 13th, but I’m just wondering if that’s:
A. for the November/December rewards listed on BackerKit or for my overstock coffee table book that shipped out today (Although I’m 99% sure I payed that shipping charge in September)
B. Going to be given a tracking number so that I can make sure that it arrives on time.
and C. Going to include overstock rewards from the original Kickstarter or just the new Kickstarter rewards.

If any of y’all know the answer to those questions, or if someone from MST3K could answer, that would be swell! Thanks y’all!

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  • It was for your coffee table book. You provided payment info a couple weeks ago, but weren’t charged until this week, just before we shipped it out.

  • You can find your tracking number in BackerKit, on your reward confirmation page, or email us at and we can get it for you.

  • It will only include the Coffee Table Book, which I handpacked and shipped myself, and not the overstock rewards, which are at our warehouse, where I couldn’t grab them to include with this package. (Also, sending the Coffee Table Book alone lets us use Media Mail, which keeps the cost a little lower.)


Thanks Ivan!
Last question on this thread (and if this has been answered before I am incredibly sorry, I haven’t seen any posts for that) When will the November/December rewards be shipping out, (For my specific list it says the coin, posters, snowglobe, concessions pack, stickers, and shirt are slated for November/December) and will that order contain the add-on rewards, or will those add-ons not be shipped until the last item is shipped for the campaign?

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The shipment in December should include everything except the boxed sets for Season 13, which we can’t finish until the season is over, and we do our last livestream event. So yes, overstock merch will be included!


I just realized I moved and haven’t updated my mailing address for my add-ons. How do I update that, and is there a way to find out if anything shipped to my old address? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Backerkit is where you’ll be able to update your address.

At this point I think the only things that have shipped out are last year’s Christmas card, the 3D glasses and the leftover books from the first Kickstarter. So you should be safe.


@Diogenes, go here to update your survey:


Thank you so much folks!!! I didn’t get the 3D glasses because I moved. Is there a way to request they be resent?


Reach out to and tell them what happened. They’re your best chance!