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May I present- 8-Bit Theater, the Roleplaying Game. From the creator of Atomic Robo, this game will feature the stars of the popular webcomic that is over 20 years old at this point and good heavens I should get some Metamucil keep it down would you?


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Here’s one I just found (and backed) thanks to a Facebook ad, of all things. I’m a sucker for this kind of art. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a wall calendar by this guy in the last couple of years.


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For anyone who is a fan of Calamityware or weird drawings of cats, here’s a Kickstarter for you!


Thought some of you movie buffs might be interested in this:


I’m not into horror, so not backing personally.

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Thanks for sharing that. See that’s the type of thing I’m into, the classics, the restorations - that’s what I was speaking to earlier, wishing I could just have Kickstarter send me alerts on things like that, specifically.

BTW, this is a conversion, it was not originally shot in 3D. I wonder how it’ll look?

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It looks like there is a sample.

For an alternate (and 2D) take on this movie, Rifftrax has you covered.

I mean, it’s Vincent Price. He makes anything better. For example, the Rankin/Bass special Here Comes Peter Cottontail makes Rudolph’s Shiny New Year look like Citizen Kane, but Vincent Price plays an evil Easter Bunny with a metal tail, and it’s GLORIOUS.

The 3D Film Archive is restoring Arch Oboler’s Domo Arigato in 3D bluray - for those of you who loved The Bubble.

I’m intrigued (I actually own a 3d copy of The Bubble) but I’m gonna pass. I own The Bubble but I find it pretty annoying for a 3D film. (Stop sticking things in my face for no reason!)

Anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested.


Someone wants to make another movie in the Deathstalker series.

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Oh, I heard it was announced but I didn’t know it was a kickstarter. Definitely in. Not because I’m a particularly big fan of the series (the first movie is OK but too sleazy, the second… the humour is awful. Worse than III even) or the director (I liked Psycho Goreman but didn’t love it) but I feel like this is a PERFECT combination of property and director. Like, I only liked Psycho Goreman but I liked it in a way that I knew I would watch any movie that director would make from there).

I also just saw this restoration of “Phantom of the Opera,” which is ending very soon:

I’ve backed a couple of his runs for a variety of fandoms and can attest that he does good work and the resulting coins are excellent. So he’s one to follow if you’re looking for something small for your various interests :+1:

My daughter would lose her ever-loving mind over the Bluey coin.

I bought three coins off this KS. I’ll be interested to see what his next batch looks like. There were a few others I would have bought but they were sold out. He could be a very dangerous person for me to know! LOL!

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What he usually does for each new KS is provide several new designs, and then offer any overflow stock from the previous KS in the new round. So that’s why those were limited. But he’s also occasionally done reprints of older designs if demand is high enough, so there’s a (slim) chance those sold out ones could come back.

And you’re right about him being dangerous. He sent a survey poll out a couple campaigns ago to gauge intrest on various fandoms. And let me tell you, that list of possibilities he sent was loooooooong and it still didn’t have several things I was interested in. (I dutifully requested MST3k in the “other” box). So I am now both excited and scared every time I get a notification that a new campaign is active.

I saw a similar poll with this KS. I did suggest a design for Hawai’i Five-0, but I don’t know if that’s a large enough fandom these days to be worth it.

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Another KS some of you may be interested in:


Apparently there’s been a Kickstarter for a Deathstalker movie that met its funding goal recently and still has a few days to go. Of particular interest is that the title role is going to be portrayed by Daniel Bernhardt of Future War infamy. It’s even going to have a poster drawn by Boris Vallejo.



Stephen Collins just opened his next round of challenge coins. Grabbed me some Totoro and a Firefly coin.



This one seems like it might have some appeal amongst forum members: A three-issue comic miniseries tying “The Horrors of Spider Island” to the Cthulhu mythos:


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