The Continuing adventures of Troy and Rowsdower

So I’m toying with the idea of pitching a Saturday morning style cartoon with the further adventures of Zapp and Troy! Or at the very least doing a comic. Honestly I think it could be super fun. What adventures would they take on in and around the great city of Eaglehat Alberta? The way i see it, Is that they find ancient Ziox Scrolls within the hidden city chronicling the secret supernatural history of Canada. It would have them taking on a new case every week (like scooby doo). The wendigo, the living avalanche, The Inuit Undead, The Regina Voodoo Priestess etc. Give me your ideas


I’m the only GenX-er on the planet who’s always disliked Scooby Doo. But I’ll give it a try anyway.

  1. Abandoned mine haunted by the ghost of a prospector (not to be confused with Mike Pipper).

  2. What’s the deal with Rowsdower and the lady in the picture in his truck.

  3. A sasquatch story–maybe something with the cultists trying to catch one for some kind of Ziox ritual.

  4. Escaping a forest fire in Zap’s notoriously unreliable truck.

Hope this starts moving some ideas around for you. :slight_smile:


Make sure to get Tjardus’s blessing.


Oh believe me. The flying Dutchman will be contacted if I get serious lol

  1. Someone or something is tampering with Canada’s beer supply. Rowsdower suspects the Alberta Sasquatch but why would they violate the Maple accords of 1903?

  2. Titanic passengers are roaming old Montreal, again! Could it have something to do with the recently opened museum with possibly stolen artifacts?

  3. UFOs are abducting Canadians around Manitoba. This isn’t Rowsdower’s first encounter with extraterrestrials but these weirdos are new to him.

  4. What are those lights flashing beneath Lake Ontario? Is it just the usual UFOs or something more sinister? The body of Satoris was never found. Hmmm.


Love the artwork! I would so watch this cartoon or read the comic.

As for story ideas, I can totally get behind anything with the Wendigo in it. Some other regional ideas that may work:

  1. A ruthless oil tycoon looking to exploit the tar sands inadvertently calls up an angry nature spirit in the form of a giant bear.

  2. Strange disappearances happening around Okanagan Lake are being attributed to the Ogopogo lake monster. But is it actually the work of a bizarre new cult drawn to the area?

  3. A sword covered in runic markings is retrieved from a newly discovered Viking treasure hoard on the Canadian coast, setting off a race for Zap and Troy to deliver it to the right people before those pursuing them catch up.

  4. When Troy puts on an old fur-trapper’s hat, he is visited by visions of the trapper who is telling him where a secret lies hidden along the river. Getting there will mean passing through the camp of an ancient band of reclusive French settlers who have remained cut off from civilisation for ages, degenerating into a Lovecraftian community of murderous inbreds.

I recommend the book Strange Things by Margaret Atwood, it’s a good resource for the uncanny Canadian North.


So true.

Will the sequel be canon in your universe?


Lol I’ve never seen this

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How about a Cry Wilderness crossover? Because I need a Cry Wilderness crossover.


If it involves Bigfoot not being able to see Rowsdower unless he really believes in him, count me in.


How about it stealing a page from Mystery Men and have Bigfoot not be able to see Rowsdower unless he either turns away from Rowsdower, closes his eyes, or blindfolds himself?

Of course, there will have to be the obligatory chase scene with Bigfoot needing to follow Rowsdower at speed through an anvil forging factory…


Alberta needs Zap & Troy today more than ever. I can’t wait for the Mystery in Medicine Hat episode.


This was the sequel I didn’t know I needed. Wow.


What’s the intended rating? PG? M?

You can always turn to Trailer Park Boys for some inspiration.


For that part of Canada you really gotta go with FUBAR.

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Added Satoris


This is awesome!

As an Albertan I approve


I like the blend of the mundane (due to the film’s ultra-cheap budget) and the fantastic in this film as well as the incredible amount of coincidences in the movie. I’d have the duo of Troy and Rowsdower chasing aliens, Wendigos, and lake monsters, as noted, but the Wendigo lurks next to the convenience store where Rowsdower gets his beer or the aliens are in the woods behind the local hockey rink. Somehow their little corner of Canada is the global center for the supernatural!