What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

Oh, I forgot about the other great thing that happened today. We went to the farmer’s market and got THE MOST ADORABLE TOMATOES EVER! They’re smaller than blueberries!


At my local market they call those Sprinkles. :yum:


I was hoping they would have an unusual flavor, but they taste pretty much like cherry tomatoes. Worth getting once for the novelty.


I need to find a farmer’s market around here. I don’t have a garden anymore. I want to get some kind of herb garden going on my balcony, but I don’t have time to think about that right now. So maybe next year.


Well, I think I remember where you moved to (and yet again, much happiness to you!)…surely basil and hot peppers will flourish, even during the fall-winter-spring months! Somehow I think root vegetables, though. Or some kind of hydroponic rig with artificial light for growing easy stuff like chives, rosemary, and whatnot. Dunno.

Actually, I had a bunch of neighbors in Buffalo who grew some pretty darned good habaneros and other chiles during the summer months from their front porches…but it doesn’t get that cold over there during the dark months, and is plenty hot and humid over the summer.

You should do a thread/blog about your new life in the upper midwest: we’re all pulling for you, I should think, and excited you’re able to make things happen from what sounded like a semi-frustrating spell in the other upper west!


Aw, thank you!

I’ve had a couple of people suggest that I make a blog, but it does seem weird to think that people would be interested in reading about my life. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I understand that. Maybe not a blog, exactly, but keep checking in here, at least!

Which I know you will. MSTies cannot be stopped!

Hell, I treat this forum as my own personal blog, pretty much, in addition to trying to be a Mensch, when I feel like it! :laughing:


Had some delicious treats and coffee at the cat cafe’ earlier today. Watched the resident adoptable kitties on the other side of the glass. There was an orange female polydactyl who I would’ve loved to bring home. But she was making plenty of friends, and someone probably signed her papers about an hour after I left there. :smile_cat:


So you’re going to go back tomorrow to be sure, and if not, adopt her, right???


Lol. I wish. El Sid would not welcome another kitty in the house. (Though she’s bigger than he is, so she wouldn’t have to put up with his nonsense.)


So much hot Gizmoplex action that I’m having trouble keeping up. More new content than I expected, and the Vault Picks are now crucial viewing.


Ehhhh, she’s got thumbs, she can take 'em!

They really are.

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Well, my weekend was pretty terrible and made me feel bad.

Buuuut (checks thread title), on Saturday night, I took my 3 year old nephew to his first ever soccer game. We saw my beloved Louisville City FC on Kids’ Superhero Night - he got a cape and a case of the zoomies - and it was fantastic.

We won 4-1, so there were a lot of goal celebrations and light shows and smoke displays (he called them “POOFS”) and music and popcorn and player high-fives. He had a great time - I don’t think he’s taken the cape off yet - and he’s already asking when he can come with me again.

Introducing this kiddo to the sport I love on a beautiful night made my heart smile.


Happy International Cat Day!


Following up on the house move, I put the old condo on the market Friday and had multiple offers and a contract by Sunday. Hoping I don’t jinx things by talking about it, but if all proceeds as it is going, I should be $100K up on what I paid for the place. After only six years. The market is still crazy biscuits, clearly.


Cool beans Sandy


I’ll drink to that. And in salute, here’s a picture of mega film star Orangy (because cats n kitties always put a smile on my face)

Orangy also had a role in MST3K The Movie: This Island Earth


It took the entire flippin’ weekend, but I finally finished the two new collages which I had on deck for about a month. :partying_face:


P.S. - In honor of this great day, here’s El Sid breaking out the bubbly, so to speak.


There’s nothing quite like the combo of “SNIFF My little 5th Grader is growing up” and “Holy cow, the house is empty and I can telecommute in peace without having to keep tabs on my son!”


Met up with my friend who’s back visiting from Japan and we ended up talking in a coffee shop for three hours straight catching up.

He brought me some bags of Japanese hard candies including a couple of bags of Mitsuya Cider. Result!