What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

I did a private show tonight for a local geology club. I feel like it went pretty well, and they gave me a large tip. …now, I just have to find out if I can actually keep said tip. I’ve never had anyone give a tip before. I’ve had people say that their change can just be a donation, but not a tip. The check for the show was separate and I wasn’t expecting anything more. If it was only a dollar or two, I wouldn’t worry about it, but this was quite a bit more than that (and I think that my planetarium is technically classified as a nonprofit). So I have to ask about it, but either way, the show went well and I was quite happy that the people who attended seemed to enjoy it.


You are much more honest than I would have been. Because I would have figured, “how would they know anyway?”


Starbucks: Due to sugar content, I classify most of their drinks as desserts now, anyway. Their “frappuccinos” are even ice cold like milkshakes. (Pro tip: get the longer (slightly wider) straw if there are chocolate or other chunks so they don’t get stuck as much.)

Wings: We attended a minor league game last night. Home team (“Space Cowboys”, no less) hit a home run and everybody got coupons for 5 free wings at Pluckers. (Oh, hey, they seem to even have vegetarian wing options.) It was also the end of the school year and teacher appreciation night (I’m not one, fwiw), so we even got a few verses of Alice Cooper played at volume over the stadium loudspeakers.

  1. Put the tip money on the floor.

  2. Formally renounce ownership of the money.

  3. Say “oh look”

  4. Pick up the money you just found and put it in your pocket


Point at it and declare, “money, I renounce thee!”


You are at a university or a museum?

I know at my museum, staff are not allowed to accept tips, but volunteers aren’t under the same rules. I know this because I was leaving my exhibit one day with a lost purse. As I left the exhibit, one of our security people was at the top of the elevator with a frantic woman, tears running down her face, in full panic mode.

She saw me, let out a shriek and started hugging me. It was her purse. The family was on the first few days of a multi-week trip and all of their cash was in this purse (which, BTW was some designer label, I was later told). She opens the purse, shoves a bunch of bills into my hand and disappears.

I’m left staring at the security guard with $80 in my hand, still dumbfounded. I asked if I was even supposed to accept the money. She said laughing, “You weren’t given much choice. I would have had to turn that in, but you can probably keep it.”


Tomorrow is the first of 2 shows for my ballet studio’s production of The Wizard of Oz. I’m playing Toto!


Woot! And you don’t even have to ride around in a basket! :grin:

Break a leg!


So, you’ve got me curious. How does the Wizard of Oz work as a ballet? If you’re willing to post a snippet of video, I’d be interested to see it.)


Well, the weekend starts, I don’t got st*ff to do, and even though I started a multi-person conversation on FB Msgr with some work buddies, while drunk and drinking yesterday afternoon, it was all good.

The sky is outside, got paid, because Friday, and can slowly but responsibly pay down debts to NYS SRU and stuff.

That’s the kind of sugar papa likes. I don’t think Peter Criss needs an apology.

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I’m at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. They have this lovely Al Jaffee piece (among tons of other interesting items):


Dash was extra good today so he got to dig and roll around in stuff. He was pleased with himself.


Having to bathe a dog and also having to smell wet dog afterward would be a complaint thread post for me.


Give a retriever a kiddie pool and a tennis ball and he bathes himself and dries in the sun.


So I checked it out and it’s fine for me to keep the tip. I’m okay with that. :slight_smile:


A video might be hard, but I’ll post pictures once the shows are over with. We have a photographer that comes and takes action pictures.

Here’s some promo pictures!


I spent time with my brother and sis-in-law. We ate at my favorite Chinese restaurant (and no foot swelling, I was a little worried, with what I imagine was a lot of sodium in that food, but nope I was good). We then saw Guardians 3, which was fantastic, might be my favorite of the 3 features.

Then cake, cards and gifts.

CD and BD - the doc tells of a small record shop owner who brought in Dunaway for a book signing… which somehow turned into a 25-minute reunion concert with all the surviving original band members (yes, even Alice, who they weren’t sure they could get, but he said “of course I’ll be there”)

Really cool little story.

And then all the birthday wishes here. I feel very loved, appreciated and happy.

What a wonderful day.


There was a DVD version of Astroturf? My record store only had BluRay, of which format I do not have a player.

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Nope check that, it is a BD. I’ve had an all-region player for so long and everything goes in there, DVD and BD - and from every country.

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