What is your MBTI personality type?

I’m just curious to see what everyone is :thinking::face_with_monocle:


Huh, somehow I’m CORN. Which is also grass.


I’ve always been INFJ, but this says i am INFP. So still pretty on brand for me.


snickers Corn.


I don’t like personality tests. That’s why I gave up having a personality. (“Nothing destroys the charm of a meal more quickly than…”)


Green chiles.


Aries, with Taurus ascending, moon and Venus in pisces, Mars in cancer.

No, I did used to be kind of into MBTI. Always a hard INTJ: never any different result.

I no longer remember any of the ennneagram things, but I recall the cognitive stack (Ni, Te, Fi, Se in my case).


INTJ club!! :face_with_monocle:

ETA: I don’t put as much stock in MBTI as I once did, there are definitely some problems with it. But it is amusing to me that I’ve been a solid INTJ for 20+ years now.



I’ve gotten several different results on this test over time, but this one seems to be the most common.


I think INTJ is where I land nowadays as well. Back in my college days I was an ENTJ (as evidenced by my time as a performance artist), but now I’m very hermetic.

I did some semesters of a psych minor and took a lot of these tests. They are okay but I wouldn’t put much stake in them. Some of them, like the House-Tree-Person test, are barely distanced from phrenology.


ISTJ was mine when I took it in 1993. Looks like it’s now INFJ-T.

I see a trend here ……


Okay, so I took the test linked in the original post and got INFP-T (Mediator). I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the F result before, so I’m not sure exactly how they pared down the original test for this version, but it seems a tad different. Or maybe I’ve mellowed at last in my later years and the J has started to drop away into greater compassion. That would be nice.

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My whole problem with these tests is: they ask, “Would you do X, Y, or Z?” But there’s no allowance for variables such as,

“What day is it?” “Did I get a good night’s sleep?” “Is the electric bill paid?” “Did Benton run out of soup at the business dinner again?” Etc. :confused:


INTP. Took the test from a counselor a dozen years ago.



So far it looks like everyone is either an introvert, or corn. I would kind of expect an introvert bias here, but curious to see how it shakes out. Maybe Misties are all introverts, or maybe introverts just like to take personality tests more…


I got INTJ which isn’t a word. I feel like a failure.


If you want to take a doozy of a psych test, have a professional administer the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). There are some awesome questions in there.

Pretty interesting that this came out of Minnesota, since everything MST3K has told me over the years indicates that Minnesotans only have one personality. :wink:


I’m not sure I like the original link’s schema. INTJ-A, as always, but damn those are a bunch of questions.

On the one hand, they allow for gradations, which I suppose helps them to compute their percentages in “mind, energy, etc.” at the end.

On the other hand, I don’t really trust the percentages, since I’m not sure of the method they use to compute these.


About MBTI in general: I still think it has value, when used as an analytic tool.

And what is the alternative in empirical psychology? That OCEAN/“Big Five” stuff?

Insofar as one can measure these things, I’ll take the Jungian frame over the latest and greatest, as it is now. AFAIK the state of fMRI is not such that one can evaluate dispositions. I have some theories of why that is, but I’m certain that is the case.

That’s provided one can keep the theoretical design in its proper place, and measure accordingly.

Which I’m not sure has value to everyone, but it can be amusing or even revelatory.

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I always get a different answer when I do it. OK, let’s give it a shot.


Yep. Never gotten that before. I think the N and the J are pretty common for me but I’ll get the “I” instead of the “E” (except after “C”) sometimes and a “T” for the “F” others.

But I’m an Aries, so… shrug


Hello, fellow female INTJ. I once heard us described as so rare we’re like finding a unicorn- an evil unicorn. I love this description so much because it fits my personality so well. What do you think- agree or disagree?


Yeah. It’s one of the bad ones, for sure!

I don’t like the typical prose description or archetype as some kind of evil strategist, but it’s a blessing, and a curse! There is a notion that one can develop each of the cognitive functions to enhance in magnitude and make more precise their interrelations, but it is a fanciful, very imaginative schema.