#MakeMoreMST3K Weekly Update, August 9-13: Gamera is really neat!

This week’s update is a little briefer than usual, as Ivan is feeling under the weather. Still, we’ve got some writing updates, plus presale info for the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh tour dates, and who will be at tonight’s Mindless Summer livestream of Tormented!


Get well soon Ivan!

Also, did I miss Gamera being announced before now? Quite possibly. Am I excited? Most definitely. And an extra long episode. Perfect.


Thanks Lesley and team. So, holy keebas, the Mary Christen “Meet the Team” update makes me again think . . . . what if the Gizmoplex had some weird corners/odd broom closets/underground steam tunnels in which lived streamable copies of some of these MST3K-adjacent projects? (I know I mentioned that somewhere.) In this case, some of Mary’s “videos of insects and spiders…set to 8-bit sounding music I compose.” Wowza! I wants!

(And it would just be NICE to be supporting all these staff-made and fan-made things. More to see in the ol’ G. P.!)


Wow, this means we get to see Gamera’s infamous nude scenes.


Ivan, hope you get better soon- Lesley, good job flying the ship solo. :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued to see the completely unedited film get riffed, thus creating a longer episode.

This came up in another posting here where it was questioned whether the episodes should be edited for length or not… Now we have an experiment to see the results!


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(I have that stuck in my head now.)


Please share a link to the insect and spider videos of Mary Christen :purple_heart::sweat_smile:


Oooo a full unedited Gamera … is that a good thing or a bad thing … :thinking:

Nice to meet Mary (though the cat does not look thrilled)

@ivan Feel better!

@Lesley now’s your chance to take over the world!


Thanks for filling in Lesley (and writing riffs for MST3K, what a thrill!) Thoughts on the update…

  • I’ve seen a lot of Kaiju movies, but I haven’t seen Gamera vs. Jiger, so I’m in the dark as to what could or should have been edited (as I said in that other thread, there are cut scenes in movies that I would have loved to have seen riffed on (Teenagers From Outer Space) but understand the network time constraints). Still, I have utmost confidence the MST3K staff will make even the dull a delight (heck, they worked miracles with Starfighters, which was 99.9% dull stuff)

  • Nice to meet you Mary - when I saw the pic I uttered a Crow-like “Kitty!”

  • Ivan, get well soon!


get well soon @ivan !


i second that emotion


Thanks, @anya348!


Sooo exited for Gamera!


Excuse my ignorance, but how could she be a writer in 2013 prior to season 11? Very confused!


I interpreted that to mean she wrote on the show as season 11 was produced. The writing happens before the show is recorded. That was my guess, anyway.


Me too! They will have riffed six of the eight Showa-era Gamera movies then!


2013 was still two years pre-Kickstarter, so I guess that means she was writing for MST3K/Shout! Factory projects. Shout! did a Turkey Day that year … maybe that?


I’m glad to see that Mary is back. She did a couple of interviews around the time of the first Netflix season and she seems to be the sort of person genetically engineered to be a MST3K writer.


Just a question based on one of the lines in this Update.

“To make up for it, the Gamera Writers’ Room won’t be riffing a short.”

So I know that the shorts aren’t intended to be literally streamed with the movies (that they’re intended to be shown in-between movie events), but I still found this statement odd, because it implies a few things (which could be a misunderstanding on my part).

First, it seems to imply that each movie has its own “Writers’ Room”. It also implies that each short doesn’t have its own Writers’ Room (or at a bare minimum, that they don’t have their own dedicated Writers’ Room and are using the room for each movie. This means that even if the shorts aren’t directly linked to the movies, they are connected internally as part of the writing process.

My concern here is that if the Gamera Writers’ Room isn’t riffing a short, is another Writers’ Room going to riff two? Admittedly, this would concern me more if there were only 12 movies, because that might imply we’ll only get 11 shorts. But then I remembered we’re actually getting 13 movies, so it would make sense that one of the movie teams doesn’t riff a short (and in theory, this would have happened anyway even if they were able to edit Gamera).

Thus, my question is just to confirm that this is what has happened, and that one Writers’ Room was always going to be “short-less” as it were, and since Gamera must remain unedited, that’s the team that won’t be riffing a short. My bigger fear is that they might try and say “Well, since Gamera is so long, we’re not doing a short for that one, and the holiday special being a bonus episode was never going to have a short ‘mini-event’ so therefore, we’re only making 11 shorts”, which would technically be a failure of the original commitment.


While I can’t say this for sure, I think all this note meant was that the Gamera writing team was not also tasked with a short. Another team will pick up the slack. If a full short was being dropped, I think that would have been called out in an update because that was a campaign promise, if you will. I fully believe the folks at Alternaversal have the integrity to be up front and would tell us if a major change was planned, such as dropping a short. @Lesley / @ivan, could you please clarify?