Season 13 Awards?

We still have 2 features and a bunch of events with shorts to get to, but let’s get the ball rolling early and discuss the best/favorites of the season, suggest awards, discuss eligibility, offer up reminders of bits and pieces other might have forgotten, etc

We can change our answers at the end of the season once we get there.


A few of my early choices or nominees. Trying to figure awards for production designs and such for the actual Gizmoplex - we could also do best adds, etc.

Subject to change…

Breakout Performer of season 13: Rebecca Hanson (whether side-kicking it with Pearl, taking over when Max lost it during the Batwoman, or her hilarious turn as Mrs Kelly. The host of the vault picks (Synthia Selects) was a standout in season 13)

New Star: White Dot

Favorite Host of Season 13: Emily Connor by Emily Marsh (speaking of breakout performers… Emily’s like the anti-Joel, she’s animated, pulls faces, waves her arms about - she’s definitely not subtle, but is definitely a treasure. I also like her warm relationship with the Bots, she’s bonded with them quickly… even when it took them a little longer to get there with her)

Favorite Mad (Kinga, Max, Pearl, Erhardt): love them all, but I’m leaning towards Max or Pearl as we come down the stretch

Favorite Supporting Human/Clone: Synthia

Best Guests or Cameo: Dr. Erhardt (I also like Kabahl, Dr. St Phibes, Mrs. Kelly, the Skull)

Favorite Bot of Season 13: Crow T Robot - while Baron, Conor and J. Elvis did Servo proud, Hampton and Kelsey’s Crow were the seasons standout, I like how Crow’s so self-absorb or gets locked into a detail and doesn’t see the big picture of whatever conversation the others are having (like wondering if Casper is even a monster?) and in the theater their riffing - timing and delivery and voice inflection, was a knockout.

Favorite Supporting Bot: M. Waverly won me over this year, with his cute guest spots on Synthia Selects and various cameos with pal Growler on the Moon, as a Bonehead

Favorite Song: Mothercrabber from Beyond Atlantis

Favorite Opening: Joel and Josh’s conversation at the start of Demon Squad

Favorite Experiment: Gilbert and Sulli-phone, The Duck Tape dispenser for Duct Tape

Favorite Host Segment: The wrestling sketch in Santo, the Batwoman franchise starter kit, The Shape of Crimes to Come Podcast, Crow’s dead, during the Munchie Livestream

Favorite After Show: Halloween, DIYSpy, The writers discuss Sumuru

Favorite Q&A Guest: Jackey Neyman-Jones (Manos), or the Smith’s (Demon Squad), but really, they’ve all been grand, Barbara Crampton, and C. Courtney Joiner too

Favorite Episode: Beyond Atlantis (Emily)

Favorite Short: Cavalcade (Erhardt & Pearl)

Favorite running riff: Susan’s bloodlust in Jiger

Favorite Movie Choice: The Mask 3D (also The Batwoman, Atlantis, Mordrid)


Most Perico-Like Character: Perico


What other Perico types have we had this season? Who can challenge Perico for best Perico type?

Here’s a few more, Most Loathsome (guy in Robot Wars, guys in Atlantis)

Worst Baddie? (Palance in Shape, mad scientist in Batwoman, the twin dickweeds in Mordrid, master and sidekick both)


Host Segment of the Year: 3D segment in The Mask
Most Puzzling Comment: Kinga saying she’s not human but “a whole other deal” then wondering why she said that.


Best Eddie: East Eddie


The First Annual George Nader’s Nadir Award: Let’s vote now!

  • Nereus in Beyond Atlantis
  • Nick West in The Million Eyes of Sumuru

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Nick is Nader in smug mode, which is what he’s well known for among MSTies

Nereus is Nader in decent actor mode, which shows MSTies another side to him as a performer. (Watch the crime story, “Nowhere to Go” from 1958 for more of this George)

I’ll go with Nereus


Most improved by riffing: Beyond Atlantis. The movie is a hard slog (I never made it through the unriffed version) but the episode is a precious jewel.

Favorite guest: they were all great, but I’m totally charmed by the Smiths from Demon Squad. Demon Squad could also be ‘least improved by riffing’ only because the unriffed film was so much fun and so charming in itself.


Thank you so much! :heart:


Best two-word riff: “I’m cold.” from The Batwoman.


Best Sketch GOING AWAY: The first wrestling sketch during Santo…ohmaistars I was laughing so dang hard I got a side stitch. I still giggle just thinking about it.


Dr. Mordrid would definitely win best production design at the annual MSTie awards.


Favorite group hug: when we all just relaxed and accepted Kelsey’s Crow into our hearts.


And The Frankie Avalon Award for Meritorious Frankie Avalon-ing in a Frankie Avalon Movie Starring Frankie Avalon goes to… Sid Haig?!


Let’s face it, Sid Haig is going to sweep the MSTies.


Best engineer for a pilot of a spider robot: Sid Haig

Best interdimensional wizard superhero: Sid Haig

Best hallucination-inducing mask: Sid Haig


He really would have been!


He’s pretty much going to be a one-man Return of the King, yeah.


Favorite Episode: Beyond Atlantis

Favorite Riff (Movie): “Describe the pain.”

Favorite Riff (Short): “I saw Balance Beam For Girls open for Death Cab at Toad’s Place.”

Favorite Host Segment: Trick or Treat with Mad Max Headroom and The Screaming Landlady

Breakout Star: Perico!

Favorite Invention: The TeleGraph

Favorite Running Riff: (tie) Susan’s unflappability in the face of pure horror, and “Doo-dads!”