What are you smiling about? The Non-Complaint Thread

I went through a period in my late teens and early 20s where I was heaving and sometimes barfing any time I tried to eat and in my case it was almost definitely psychological. I suspect even anxiety-based, although I didn’t realize I had anxiety issues until I was almost 40. My solution at the time was - hmm … to keep this in family friendly realm - currently being evaluated by the DEA for rescheduling from Schedule I to Schedule III. In quantity before any time I ate. I’m not saying I recommend this or anything about me or my situation is generalizable.

Good luck and I hope you find the cause(s) and the solution(s), be they psychological or physical.


That would not be a solution for me since it was in use before the problem started to treat my trigeminal neuralgia.


Or maybe you need more. More!
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ETA I can’t decide if it would be funny if you spent 2 weeks at Mayo with your mom and THAT turned out to be the solution. Probably not right away.


My fear was that it was the problem. There’s this issue, which didn’t really fit my symptoms, but it was close enough to be a worry, and my two biggest reliefs was that it was neither that nor caused by my prescribed neuralgia medications, because without those two things, pain gets very bad.



Those fools at whatever bookseller could trick me into thinking this would arrive a week from now!

Ah, so finally I have a copy of Chartreuse that appear to be brand new…

And is actually pocket-sized and the typeface doesn’t make me want to vomit!

Now I just have to do the same with Hugo’s Notre Dame (don’t ask why I want to read it…I have read some of Hugo’s plays, and whatever…it has something to do with Jacques Roubaud’s treatise on prosody in French poetry and prose)…meh, and the movie was pretty good.

Still don’t know what to do with the inferior 9"x6" printing with horrid typeface and font. Maybe Werner Herzog can eat it or something.

Today we went to a nice local museum to see a new exhibit they’re hosting on Star Carr, a Mesolithic site about 11,000 years old. My wife’s worked with sites that old in Turkey, but around here they’re super rare.

We got to see one of the oldest bows in the world and the weird deer headdresses the site is famous for.

One of the most amusing things was hearing an older American gentleman ask the museum attendant “How do you know they (the mesolithic people) called it Star Carr?”


I saw that on Mystic Britain, cool. I think we should bring back the whole wearing skulls on your head thing.


Oh, I have my new favorite hat all picked out. :smiling_imp: I bet y’all can guess whose skull.


Yours shall be the GRANDEST OF ALL!


Finally home. This is what my daughter welcomed me back with!


Awesome that you made it home safely and :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: for your daughter’s talent and choice of subject(s)!

I see you, Ghost Crow


That is wonderful! And I also love ghost Crow lurking there in the encroaching darkness.

I hope the trip turns out to have been worth it!



Literally on a roll of the dice, which I produced from my pocket on request of my boss (well, I gave him one die, a fair one, since he knows I always have a pair of dice with me, although I can’t imagine why he thinks that is…true, though), it was decided that I could go home early today! As opposed to the other candidate.

Mallarmé lives! (“Un coup de dès jamais n’abolira le hasard”…no, I won’t be translating or explaining that here at all, or any place at all).

To top it off, since I got home before liquor stores closed, I was going for the Black Bush, since I hadn’t had it for a while and was thirsty, and it’s a reliable, tasty beverage, but the dude at the counter asked if I’d tried this new one Bushmills had out.

It’s all right. It’s almost uncomfortably “hot” at 92 proof in a way that similar whiskies of similar proof are not (Teelings, or many of the Scotches). It also has that similar greasy, oily taste of the Bushmills white label. It is an inferior whiskey.

More a novelty than anything else. Some kind of TV show promotional tie-in. Apparently there’s a TV show called Peaky Blinders, which I’m not going to watch, probably…because I’m smiling at looking forward to seeing this TV show called Younger starring a woman with the improbable name of Sutton Foster, who I find intriguing.

And, yes, I find “find” to be a copulative, or “linking,” verb which can take the nominative as the “object.” I am smiling because I think I’m probably right about that. So that’s why I said “who.” Never mind…I prefer “whom” there…a swing and a miss.

But I’m still smiling because my revised judgment is now correct.

It was. I have a theoretical at least partial diagnosis and a treatment plan. And since they made things right over the doctor screwing me over, I’m good with things. The drive sucked, Rochester sucked and my mother is nuts, but it worked out fairly well in the end.


I finally remembered to take a photo of the bottle that had the hybrid cork thing. Looks like true port to me.

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Looks like it! That’s not one of the brands with which I’m familiar (that is, they didn’t have a gigantic sign on the Vila Nova de Gaia waterfront), but if you like it, :+1:t3:.


The only weird part is I can’t find a year on the label.

I also tend to favor ruby over tawny ports, actually. 100% of the reason is that I think they taste better with cheese.


If I didn’t know better, I’d call that a tacit approval of Big Cheese’s agenda.

ETA I guess I felt a NJ earthquake this morning, but I thought it was just my dog crashing into something.