1303 Beyond Atlantis - Your Thoughts

We’ll, we’ve come to the final, backers only preview event. Here’s my last post-event chat page. :slight_smile:

Here’s where you can air your thoughts for “Beyond Atlantis”.

What worked, what needs a little love, and what might not have worked for you?

The audio levels, at least for me (using Roku), seemed to have the best mix and balance of the last few episodes. There was a few glitch moments in the video, but I’m unsure if that was my internet, or the stream itself.

The lighting and compositing seemed a bit stronger, hopefully closer to final form.
The door sequence seemed a bit darker- which is a good thing. Does it seem like the intro song was tweaked again?

Obviously we have a new test subject, Crow has new voice and here’s the intro of GPC 2.

What else?

If you have a criticism, please remember to be constructive- it’s okay to say you think something wasn’t perfect, but let’s respect the hard work people have done.


Two OPs? Seems we’re not, in fact, beyond Thunderdome.


Only point of criticism I’d have is the teeth sound effect in the invention exchange initially drowned out Max’s lines. After the camera cut away and came back, the issue was sorted. Just needs to be balanced across the bit.


takes deep breath Okay, this might be a wee rough one.

The pros:

  • It’s LiveShow!Servo (@Conorjdmcg)'s turn to sing now!!!
  • Welcome, @marshemily2!
  • @OneBradyLady. You were incredibly magnificent. I know it may take a little while for me to get used to Crow’s new voice, but I still hope to hear you more in Emily’s upcoming episode!
  • And now for us to welcome @yifreeze as GPC2!!!

The cons:

  • It’s something about Crow, but… whatever. The bots change their voices during the show all the time, so it’s nothing new.
  • The episode was a bit glitchy at times.
  • A bit more audio errors coming from the Mads.
  • … I think I had enough crabs for one night.



Re-dub Crow. Voice was horrid and grating. Not everything they do is perfect, and this was a mistake.

Not a single riff from Milhouse Crow was funny because it was in a nasal grating voice like nails in my ears.

Edit: I was not in a good headspace writing this reply. I was overwhelmed and frustrated, as many were, but I did not communicate it in the Best way.


Uh-oh… We got an angry fan.


I only caught the first half, but so far this was a very strong episode.

A very different Crow took a little getting used to, but all that matters is that the riffs worked and Brady was funny, and she definitely nailed 'em. Welcome! The first two host segments (I haven’t seen the third yet) were also gold. Emily and the new Servo were excellent.

I frankly think the touring experience has helped Emily’s cast a lot. They were a little less desperate to please out of the gate than I felt Jonah’s came off as at times early in S11 (which I liked a lot overall), with less of the overly constructed multiplayer riffs. Of course it helps that the riff rhythm has modulated since then.


People are allowed to not like choices. This was the Cousin Oliver of MST3k.


Let’s keep it respectful.


I’ll elaborate more after the livestreaming discussion, but I dearly loved this one.

Favorite episode of Season 13 so far.

Team Emily has something special here.


Kelsey is a person. But a wrong choice for Crow. The choices on her voice are too harsh to listen to.


A really solid performance by all. I love all the new character voices.

Only mistake I think I caught was that Emily didn’t hit the movie sign lights one time. That or I totally missed it lol.


She’s still new.


It’s OK if you don’t enjoy her performance, but you can be nice about it. Don’t forget to treat her like a real live person.


So, I have a problem. Kelsey doesn’t sound like crow and her voice is grating. With GPC, when her voice changed, it was awful. But she showed up so infrequently that it wasn’t jarring. The new Crow voice is not only a terrible imitation of Crow, but the voice they chose is a whiny high pitch that just grates on (my, my wife, and our son)'s nerves. The issue is that if that voice were to show up infrequently, I’d get over it (like with GPC, we still hate her ‘new’ voice). But with the new Crow being a primary member of the riffing cast, this is going to instantly make the Emily episodes the least watchable. Every time “crow” talked in that episode, it pulled me out of the MST3K experience. The movies are supposed to be bad, the riffs aren’t all supposed to always be good, but I’m expecting Crow to riff like Crow. Instead, I get Kelsey. You don’t replace Kermit’s voice with Fozzie’s.

So, I’m disappointed. Now, it’s looking like about half of the episodes of this season will be Unwatchable.

I think I might need half of my donation on Kickstarter refunded. (Yes, Crow’s new voice is that bad…and I can watch Manos without batting an eye.)

EDIT: Nothing against Kelsey, BTW. She was just mis-cast. I blame whoever made the decision.


I was concerned with the nickname Wet Man for the character named Manuel because I felt like it was a replacement for a slur that also starts with “wet.” Also, I really like Kelsey in the Q&A but the voice she uses for riffing is off-putting. I think if she were to be more herself it would be more enjoyable. Of course, every voice change takes getting used to for the audience. :slight_smile:


Thank you !
Audio was on point! I didn’t have to touch the volume button once.

I did not like the new Crows voice .
Crow needs a deeper voice.


This was the funniest of the first 3 episodes of season 13 so far for us! The riffs were awesome! Way funny!

The color of the hallway seemed more saturated (which is good)!

Emily’s audio sounded a tad muffled occasionally but it wasn’t anything to complain about. Otherwise, she was fantastic! We loved her as a host and are extremely satisfied all around with her performance!

Conor was PHENOMENAL as Servo! Great voice, awesome singing, perfect attitude, just all around great job, Conor!

Crow’s voice was completely surprising. We pride ourselves on knowing most of what’s going on in MST3K but that was completely unexpected. We had no idea that a female was taking over Crow’s duties in Emily’s episodes so, that took us off guard. We think Kelsey did a good job, it was just a bit odd and will take a little getting used to is all. We agree that Kelsey should probably just use her own voice with Crow’s sarcasm and that would be better in our opinion than her impersonation of Crow (Our/We = My girlfriend, my 2 adult sons and myself. We’re all MSTies).

Otherwise, as far as the MST3K crew goes, great job! As for the film, what was up with that ending? That was the most bizarre part of it for me lol. I’m talking about the final minute… the laughing thing. Just friggin weird.

Also, there was about 3 times the episode glitched a little. It froze and started, froze and started, froze and started, very quickly, you know… glitching… and then it cleared up. Looks like we weren’t the only ones who experienced that tonight, so it was probably just so many people watching at once, internet isn’t perfect, etc.

Anyway, thanx for posting!


I’m going to agree with comments that Kelsey’s fake accent just didn’t work. I enjoyed the episode as a whole but I think her accent puts me of rushing to rewatch it. Its given me a headache. Its a shame because there were riffs where she didn’t use the faked voice and they worked much better. She has the energy and the vibes for Crow spot on.
A female Crow was always going to be different. But that faked voice makes it harder. I think she’ll settle into the role and be fantastic but losing the faked voice is important.

It also didn’t help that the ads were Jonah and his bots. That highlighted the change to Crow’s voice too much. Ads done by Emily and her bots would have been better.

Emily is a fantastic new host. I loved her interacting with Jonah and the Mads. I look forward to more.

Conor. Love.

The rap was great at the end.

There were a few jinky technical issues but that one worked so well with the riff “is it still harrasment if you couldn’t understand it” following that it felt intentional and I enjoyed it.

Overall it was another solid episode. Robot Wars was my favourite so far and is in my top 10 episodes but this was certainly another cracker. It leaves me with high hopes for the rest of Season 13.