1301- your thoughts

Ok, so I wanted to make a place to air out thoughts for the first episode of the new season.

What worked, what needs a little love, and what might not have worked for you.

Across numerous responses I’ve seen that sound levels between the movie and the riffs need a better balance as well as comments on the compositing of the green screen.

It seemed the pacing of the riffs was on point and addressed some fan’s concerns they were a bit too rapid fire in season 11.

What else?

(If you have a criticism, please remember to be constructive- it’s okay to say you think something wasn’t perfect, but let’s respect the hard work people have done).


Minor quibble, but I have the same audio issues that I do for the early seasons in that my tv whispers the movie at me and shouts the riffs.


I feel that happens a lot with the live show"The Mads" do each month. I wonder if that’s a nature of the broadcast?


Loved all of it, the pacing, the DIY feel, the sharp as he** riffing. Sound level could be better, but that’s nothing compared to how great the episode was. Instantly one of my favorite eps, and this is the first time I’ve felt this way about a season premiere since the Comedy Central days.


oh, interesting point. I guess Ill know when the ‘tape’ is released


That’s exactly what I was thinking. The physical media will probably alleviate that.


I thought it was a success. Riffs were funnier in the second half than in the first.


I like the pace of riffing better too, and after hearing how they wrote seasons 11 & 12, it’s no wonder there was no chemistry. I thought this effort was much better. Also appreciated the shout out to Memphis rasslin’.


I honestly really enjoyed all of it. I also love the live premier feel with like a kitchen and Joel showing a Nacho recipe. It just felt really lovely.


I think the best part of it all was knowing that a lot of people were watching together. It was a thing I really didn’t love about the Netflix seasons, that it was all dumped at once. I get that is their gimmick at Netflix, but it didn’t serve this kind of show very well. This was the first time since 1999 where we could all sit down at the same time at home and watch a new episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and that’s a joy.


Here’re my honest opinions.

The pros:

  • New Theme!!!
  • Oh, how we missed you, Pearl Forrester…
  • Crow blinks now!..
    Crow’s moving eyes
    1989 - 2018
    rest in spaghetti, never forgetti
  • Jonah’s announcer outfit makes him look more like Paul F. Tompkins
  • The new Moon Base looks great (also rip to Moon 13, and 14…)
  • Kinga’s fresh new haircut

The cons:

  • Some audio issues, but nothing too serious
  • Technical diffuculties (we’ve all been there)
  • Which one’s the Cambot we know and love?
  • Surprisingly, Waverly and Growler didn’t show up

The neutral:

Everything else. Although I like the riffing, I’d feel like falling asleep to it. And as an Aspie, it’s too bad that I can’t seem to laugh at them correctly.

But hey, we just got started. There’re more events, episodes, and shorts coming soon, so let’s save all of our hype for later.


Very nice pacing to the riffs, the host segments were fun and varied, felt very Season 3/4 overall, the movie itself is jam packed with seven different plots, a great bizarre riffable ride while also entertaining itself, a perfect MST3K movie.

I don’t mind the heavy use of green screens, especially considering the times we’re in and the budget. Glad to see more body movement in the Host and Mads segments though, while still not the lovely dutch-angle/fisheye-lensing of old, things certainly feel more alive.

The immediate community aspect is also a plus. Live chat was mostly alright, and felt much like the chat over on the Twitch channel. Repeating, riffing, praising Dot. All good fun.
I’m happy and can’t wait to catch the next stream!


Im genuinely pissed off that there was zero wrestling of dracula


Dynamite!? A sherlock holmesian plot twist win!?! Aghhhhhh


My personal deep hurting


Obviously the one still up in the Satellite.


Thoroughly strong episode throughout. The first half was great, but the second half was RAMPING IT ALL THE HELL UP.

The complimentary wrestling promo host segment is an all-time favorite right off the bat for me. Howlingly, screamingly funny. Loved a luchador mask-sporting Jonah trying to sell protective talismans (talismen?). AND OF COURSE, TV’S SON OF TV’S FRANK IS GONNA BUY ALL THAT. He really is his father’s son.


The “Menudo does Abbey Road” riff is god-tier. I was laughing hard and loud throughout, but that had me practically yell-laughing.


“A Spin and Marty Krofft production” while the woman was spinning in front of a goofy background put me on the floor. Those riffs that combine a couple of great references are my favorites.

EDIT: And Tim Considine just passed away, making it more poignant.


Was waiting for a Doug and Tony riff